NCSNNational Community Safety Network (UK)
NCSNNorthern California Seismic Network (US Geological Survey; est. 1967)
NCSNNational College Sports Network (TV network)
NCSNNational Certified School Nurse
NCSNNorth Coast Steam Navigation (est. 1891; Australia)
NCSNNorthern Career Services Network (Canada)
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Kalekas, RN, MSN, NCSN, has 35 years of combined hospital and public health experience.
IR (v, [cm.sup.-1]): 3531 (OH), 3300 (NH), 2929, 2861 (2 C[H.sub.2]), 1660 (C=O), 1499, 1439 (deformation CH2), 1385 (NCSN), 1255 (C-F), 865 (aryl C-H), 658 (C-F).
Yvette Johnson, BSN, NCSN - Independent Nurse Provider, ImpactHealth!
Keselyak, BSDH, MA; Harvey Eplee, DDS; Joseph Parkinson, DDS, FAGD; Bill Marse; Cynthia Galemore, MSEd, BSN, RN, NCSN
Meanwhile, the group's web design division, Zebra Web Design has launched the website for community safety organisation and registered charity the National Community Safety Network (NCSN).
Brian Bedol, president-CEO of another in-development cable channel, NCSN (the National College Sports Network), says that historically, sports and movies have taken the lead as the primary drivers of the cable and satellite business.
"I've definitely seen more mental health issues with teenage girls these days," says school health services coordinator Donnese Kern, RN-CS, MSN, NCSN, NP, who has been a school nurse for 32 years in Big Stone Gap in western Virginia.
Patti Scott, DNP, RN, PNP, NCSN, Clinical Director Office of Primary Prevention, Tennessee Department of Health
School nurses with a National Certified School Nurse (NCSN) certification also engaged in significantly more child-level practices (p < 0.001) than school nurses without this certification.
Among those who are now serving terms are Julie Graves, MD, PhD, MPH, chair of the Science Board; Martha Dewey Bergren, DNS, RN, NCSN, chair of the Intersectional Council; Chris Chanyasulkit, PhD, MPH, returning chair of the Education Board; Kevin Borrup, JD, MPA, chair of the Action Board; Eldonna Chesnut, MSN, chair of the Council of Affiliates; and Suparna Navale, MS, MPH, chair of the Student Assembly, each of whom also serve as ex officio members of APHA's Executive Board.
Sharonlee Trefry, MSN, RN, NCSN, a state school nurse consultant at the Vermont Department of Health and Vermont Director to NASN, provided participants with an overview of what mental health looks like in schools, the role of the school nurse in mental health, and the role of the medical home.