NCSSANature Conservation Society of South Australia
NCSSANational Cartographic Standards for Spatial Accuracy (US FGDC)
NCSSANorth Carolina Self Storage Association (Morrisville, NC)
NCSSANorth Carolina Social Services Association (est. 1965)
NCSSANorthern California Senior Softball Association
NCSSANational C-Scow Sailing Association (Pewaukee, WI)
NCSSANational Council of State Sociological Associations (Michigan)
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With the creation of the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives (NCSSA) in 2000, the process of uncovering former agents gained visibility through the frequent scandals over public figures involved in immoral activities during communism.
According to the law, the eleven members of the College of the NCSSA were to be first recommended by parties (also, the President and the Prime Minister may name their own favorites) and than appointed by Parliament through vote for a period of four years, with their beginning and end corresponding to electoral mandates.
Under a a constitutional court ruling in 2008, the National Council for Studying the Securitate Archives (NCSSA) cannot itself declare whether an individual collaborated with the Securitate, but has to file a request with the court, presenting its proof to that end.