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"This is very, very important," says Jim Bostick, director of academic and administrative computing at NCSSM. "You can't just give people computers and expect them to know how to use them well.
NCSSM's math faculty developed a pre-calculus textbook (published by Jansen Publications in 1991) that emphasized solving real-world problems using computers and graphing calculators.
"We realized we had an array of technology users here at NCSSM," says Barber.
The one-day Technology Fair, held in the school library in April 1991, featured demonstrations of hardware and software by NCSSM staff, faculty from neighboring universities and vendors from local computer stores.
"I had heard a lot about multimedia computer experiences, but I hadn't run into many teachers that were actually doing it," says Joe Liles, art teacher at NCSSM. "During the Technology Week, I worked with a media specialist from a school system in Minnesota.
Almost everyone who attended has incorporated some form of technology into their daily life here at NCSSM."
Having had the chance to reflect on its technology push, the NCSSM Technology Committee now feels confident in endorsing a similar strategy to other schools.
To help spread what the staff has learned about integrating technology into the classroom, NCSSM sponsors summer workshops for other teachers in North Carolina.
In 1989 Compton and fellow NCSSM math teacher Dot Doyle received a National Science Foundation grant to solidify a network of teachers across the U.S.