NCSTANorth Carolina Science Teachers Association
NCSTANational and Community Service Trust Act of 1993
NCSTANorth Carolina Statewide Technical Architecture
NCSTANational Construction Safety Team Act of 2002
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Oregon will host the second NCSTA national championship in April 2011.
Next season, however, Oregon will only compete in NCSTA-sanctioned meets and will also host the first NCSTA national championship meet at Matthew Knight Arena April 7-9.
Unlike traditional competitive cheer competitions, which allow for one, 2-minute, 15-second team routine set to music, the NCSTA format has more of a gymnastics meet feel to it.
There are five different rounds at NCSTA meets - stunts, basket toss, pyramid and tumbling followed by a traditional team routine.
5 at the seven-team NCSTA inaugural meet at Kennesaw State in Georgia.
I think after (the NCSTA inaugural meet) everyone knows who Oregon is.