NCSTNNorth Carolina Stop Torture Now (Raleigh)
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No mutation in PSEN1 and NCSTN genes was identified.
According to the reported mutations summarized recently by Ratnamala et al .,[sup][20] the study on familial comedones by Panmontha et al .,[sup][21] and the results of the present study, 30 families with 29 different mutations of the a-secretase genes have been reported to date in AI, including 22 mutations in NCSTN , 6 mutations in PSENEN , and 1 mutation in PSEN1 .
In November, 2005, Forty members of NCSTN delivered a "peoples, indictment" to Aero Contractors, a CIA aviation front company headquartered in Johnston County, that the ACLU alleges aids and abets torture.
Beyond the legal, political, and moral dimensions of NCSTN's work to end extraordinary rendition is also an empirical dimension.
Just as importantly, NCSTN has not been simply 'thinking globally and acting locally.' They have been thinking transnationally, simultaneously targeting corporate and state partners outside the reach of the US Constitution.
Here, we reported this patient with AI and sequenced NCSTN , PSENEN , and PSEN1 genes.
In this study, we examined the a-secretase genes NCSTN , PSENEN , and PSEN1 for mutations and found no mutation.