NCSTNNorth Carolina Stop Torture Now (Raleigh)
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No mutation in PSEN1 and NCSTN genes was identified.
sup][21] and the results of the present study, 30 families with 29 different mutations of the a-secretase genes have been reported to date in AI, including 22 mutations in NCSTN , 6 mutations in PSENEN , and 1 mutation in PSEN1 .
NCSTN has also been conducting local training in 'jet-spotting,' the techniques of monitoring ground traffic and radio communications at Johnston County Airport, to build a database of the comings and goings of what they understand to be 'torture taxis.
Just as importantly, NCSTN has not been simply 'thinking globally and acting locally.
In this study, we examined the a-secretase genes NCSTN , PSENEN , and PSEN1 for mutations and found no mutation.
Confirmation by exome sequencing of the pathogenic role of NCSTN mutations in acne inversa (hidradenitis suppurativa).