NCTAMNational Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNCTAM)
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Grady, commanding officer, NCTAMS LANT, was the presiding officer for the ceremony.
It improved the reliability and availability of critical power at the NCTAMS LANT headquarters.
Recently, four Sailors from NCTAMS LANT, Information Systems Technician Seamen (ITSN) Barrett Hamm, Marcus Ellis, Zachary Dickerson and Dalton McCabe, were given the opportunity to spend a week training with MSRON 2 to learn the capabilities and limitations of an expeditionary unit and expand their knowledge of Navy communications.
Units were required to demonstrate their ability to effectively carry out their missions in a challenging communications environment, which involved close coordination and execution with NCTAMS LANT and other shore facilities, such as NCTAMS PAC, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS) Naples and the Naval Satellite Communications Facility Northwest in Virginia.
"It usually takes a new Sailor about 120 hours to complete even the most basic qualifications when reporting directly to the watch floor," said ITC (SW/IDW) Derrick Owens, leading chief petty officer for the NCTAMS LANT training division.
With their initiative, a little shore-side configuration help from NCTAMS LANT, and some creative satellite resourcing from Second Fleet's fleet resources department, the cross-connect concept quickly turned into a standard operating procedure on the East Coast in late 2008 and paved the way for how ADNS Inc IIA ships, like USS Enterprise, can more efficiently manage bandwidth.
Significant grassroots efforts are being pursued at NCTAMS Atlantic and Pacific in the West and East Regional Network Operations and Security Centers (RNOSC) and other pockets within the Navy.
NCTAMS LANT and its 14 sites provide the broadcast link between high level command authority ashore and U.S.
For example, NCTAMS LANT has the LANT MUL BCST or LMUL, NCTAMS PAC has the PMUL, NCTS GUAM has the Indian Ocean or IMUL, according to Owens.