NCTAMSNaval Computer & Telecommunications Area Master Station
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Grady, commanding officer, NCTAMS LANT, was the presiding officer for the ceremony.
There are three NCTAMS commands with various detachments, each of which is responsible for, but not limited to, one-third of the Navy's communications systems every minute of the day.
"Hampton Roads provides a great training environment due to the close proximity of IP and IW community operational commands, such as NCTAMS LANT," said Lt.
I sincerely thank each of the organizations and individuals that contributed to this issue: OPNAV N2/N6, the DON Chief Information Officer, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, SPAWAR Systems Centers Atlantic and Pacific, Naval Air Systems Command, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Center for Surface Combat Systems, Director Naval OPSEC Support Team, Navy Information Forces, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Far East, Detachment Diego Garcia; NCTAMS LANT Det Rota, the Information Professional officers who provided their insight; Rear Adm.
* Capturing and documenting Navy hoteling, finite power, space and cooling (P/S/C) capacity, and workforce impacts focusing on Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station (NCTAMS) Pacific, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Stations (NCTS) Guam, Naples, San Diego, and Bahrain;
NCTAMS LANT and the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Stations (NCTSs) across the globe deliver and defend agile, resilient, and secure computer and telecommunications systems for global maritime and joint forces, said NCTAMS LANT Commanding Officer Capt.
Additionally, for the shipboard networks, NETWARCOM works very closely with the NCTAMS (Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic) and the NCTS and NOCs (network operations centers), that host IP services for afloat units.
Deputy Operations Officer at Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic (NCTAMS LANT), Donald Owens, joined the Navy in 1977 as a radioman.