NCTQNational Council on Teacher Quality
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The NCTQ (2014) used a number of studies to support its use of GPA and SAT scores in the evaluation of educator preparation programs.
NCTQ has credited Georgia with strong alternative teacher-preparation program options, teacher and principal evaluations, and data systems for evaluation, as well as linking evaluation to professional growth.
Elizabeth Ross of NCTQ is optimistic about the impact of these efforts.
Nationwide, it is uncommon for districts to pay the employee contribution, as Chicago Public Schools does, says Sandi Jacobs, vice president and managing director for state and district policy at the NCTQ.
In April, 2014, the Obama Administration announced its intention to rate teacher training programs, using some of the NCTQ's 2013 rankings as a rationale for this proposal (New York Times, 2014).
"Aspiring teachers are effectively being misled into thinking they're very well prepared for the profession," says Linda Walsh, president of the NCTQ. "But often when they arrive in the classroom, they feel like they're hitting a brick wall, and the As that they got don't really signal to them that they were prepared."
The NCTQ's reviews are a powerful resource, but their results are alarming.
"We know that kids of color can perform better in the classroom when they have teachers that match their race," says Kate Walsh, president of NCTQ, citing research that has shown that Black students do better when assigned a Black teacher.
The soft attributes cited previously (Allen, 2003; NCTQ, n.d.) about personal attributes of high achievement orientation, accepting responsibility, demonstrating critical thinking, being organized, being motivated, being respectful of others and supporting the goals of the organization have been integrated into the interview process and assessed on each applicant.
A mere 13% of undergraduate education schools require sufficient amounts of relevant math coursework for prospective elementary teachers, according to a report by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), Washington, D.C.
For example, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ, 2006) found that many teacher preparation programs do not prepare teachers to provide reading instruction based on empirically validated methods.
The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) has released a report PDF (1.38 MB) that examines coursework and textbooks used at 72 colleges of education.