NCTRFNewfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation (Canada)
NCTRFNewfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation
NCTRFNaval Clothing & Textile Research Facility
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Given the positive responses received from the initial wear test, NCTRF intends to engage a manufacturer to produce a larger number of garments incorporating the design and material preferences identified by the welding community and conduct a broader and more comprehensive field evaluation.
"We received information from the Navy Personnel Research, Studies and Technology on the demographics of all Sailors," said Louise Caulfield, NCTRF Business Development Manager.
Once the study is complete, NCTRF will determine if the sizing of military members in the U.S.
Barbara Avellini, director, NCTRF. "We have a team of textile technologists, clothing designers, physiologists and other scientific experts who are involved in conducting research, design, development, improvement and user assessment studies of uniforms and protective garments and equipment."
NCTRF's technical teams conduct wear/fit tests, determine appropriate sizing systems for uniforms, assist store and Recruit Training Center personnel in fit and tailoring techniques, and support a continuous quality assurance program.
As technical warrant holder for general-purpose organizational clothing, NCTRF also acts as the technical advisor to NEXCOM's Deputy Commander of Military Operations, Chair of the Navy Protective Clothing Board.
With an experienced staff as well as unique testing equipment and facilities, NCTRF can quickly move a concept from the drawing board to the production line.
Barbara Avellini, Director, NCTRF. "NCTRF has partnered with several of the NIB cut and sew shops to provide the best uniforms possible for the sailors.
During 2007, NCTRF's development team provided production support to many of the not-for-profit companies with the NIB network during the manufacturing of Navy uniform items such as the crew neck t-shirt for the new Navy Working Uniform, the fleece liner for the new Navy Working Uniform parka, flight deck jerseys in various colors, web belts and poncho liners.
"NCTRF exhibited both exceptional professional ability and personal initiative while demonstrating unswerving devotion to duty."
NCTRF's mission includes research, development, test and evaluation, as well as post fielding fleet support, for uniform items and protective ensembles used by the Sailor.
In addition to receiving an extensive briefing on the facility's concerns regarding personal protection, Orner and Cowley toured the various laboratories at NCTRF (Pattern & Prototype, Textile, Laundry, Flame/Thermal, and Biophysical) used to research and develop effective solutions to the fleet's needs.