NCUABNational Credit Union Administration Board
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9, 2012) ("[T]he NCUAB issues this order and prohibits Talbert from participating in any manner in the conduct of the affairs of any federally-insured credit union and from continuing or commencing to hold any office, or participate in any manner, in the conduct of the affairs of any other institution or agency described in Section 206(g)(7) of the FCUA...."); NCUA Bars Former DC FCU Board Member, Nat'l Credit Union Admin.
AUDIT FEES = [beta]0 + [beta]1 TRANIFRS + [beta]2 ADOPIFRS + [beta]3 POSIFRS06 + [beta]4 POSIFRS07 + [beta]5 1BIG4 + [beta]6 2BIG4 + [beta]7 AUDITCOM + [beta]8 SIZE + [beta]9 DIVERSITY + [beta]10 INHRISQ + [beta]11 NCUAB + [beta]12 MAJSHARE + [beta]13 LOSS + [beta]14 DURREL + [beta]15 NAUDFEES + [beta]16 SIGNDEL + [beta]17 AN02 + [epsilon] (1)
For example, Lee writes: "In the imaginations of some Hmong belonging to the Congress of World Hmong People, a political association, Vaj Ncuab Laug has been transformed into a Hmong king.