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NCURANational Council of University Research Administrators
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Qatar University hosted experts from the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) to share experience with our team and other participants from Qatar.
Milestones for transitional offices may include: 1) compliance policies that are developing or in place (NCURA Standards, 2014); 2) training and other support mechanisms that have been developed and are in use for Pls and PDs; 3) training that is seen as a priority both for grants staff, as well as for staff in offices, such as business offices, that handle grant-related expenditures; and 4) a grant culture that is well-established across the institution (Lintz, 2008).
When I applied for the position of executive director at NCURA, having been on the staff for 15 years, I decided to look at the organization as if viewing it for the first time.
Proposal support data were differentiated among six models (Table 1) as determined by feedback from the NCURA 2014 conference and the pre-survey pilot group.
Professional organizations most often cited included the Society for Research Administrators (SRA) and NCURA.
An email invitation to participate in the 2010 RASPerS via SurveyMonkey[c] was sent to the entire NCURA membership of 6,840 during a 10-day period in February, 2010.
Professional RA organizations such as SRA and NCURA support these efforts by providing the necessary tools.
There are two prominent professional associations governing the practice of research administration, the Society of Research Administrators International (SRA) and the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA).
SRA's successful eRA initiative promised a new area of professional development activities, and attempts were made to develop a collaborative and cooperative relationship with the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA).
This paper, in its earlier form, was published in abbreviated copy in the March/April 2016 edition of NCURA Magazine, the journal of the National Council of University Research Administrators.
His most recent, co-authored work providing guidance for administrators is Establishing and Managing an Office for Sponsored Programs at Non-Research Intensive Colleges and Universities (NCURA 2014).