NCVBNederlands Centrum Voor Beroepsziekten (Dutch)
NCVBNationaal Consortium Voor Bedrijfsgroepen (Dutch: National Consortium for Corporate Groups)
NCVBNorman Convention and Visitors Bureau (Norman, OK)
NCVBNederlandse Christen Vrouwen Bond (Dutch: Dutch Women's Christian Association; est. 1919)
NCVBNaperville Convention and Visitors Bureau (Illinois)
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(87) In the Netherlands, occupational injuries are sourced from accident reports (with accidents referred to as instantaneous events), whereas diseases are reported by occupational physicians and counted by the Netherlands Center for Occupational Diseases (NCvB).
Although past advertising was not effective in drawing resident visitors, NCVB is working to acquaint Alaskans with "the Alaska of old." Visitors find "gold and ruby beaches, birds, wildlife, free beach camping and no combat-fishing," says Seamon.