NCVCNational Center for Victims of Crime
NCVCNational Cardiovascular Center (Japan)
NCVCNational Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center (Charleston, SC)
NCVCNational Capitol Velo Club (est. 1970; bicycle racing)
NCVCNew Century Venture Center (Virginia)
NCVCNebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime (Lincoln, NE; est. 1984)
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Alarmed by the cultural climate that fuels this kind of violence, the NCVC argued that more resources should be spent convincingyouth to communicate with police.
For some of the students interviewed by the NCVC, meanwhile, siding with the cops meant siding against their friends, families, and neighbors.
The NCVC's Model Stalking Code favors eliminating such modifiers as "severe" or "substantial," preferring that a stalking conviction require a showing only of "significant" emotional distress.
The NCVC has published a list entitled "Examples of Stalking Behaviors State Laws Should Cover," but it clarifies that this list "in no way reflects the full scope of possible actions in which a stalker might engage." (169) The list includes "engaging in obsessive or controlling behaviors," "disseminating embarrassing or inaccurate information about a victim," and "sending flowers, cards, or e-mail messages to a victim's home or workplace." (170) Additional conduct that could be covered under CIED statutes includes calling a person and hanging up, repeated emails declaring one's love, or even repeated communication of apology.
Attendees are encouraged to download the NCVC mobile app for real-time information such as the latest program agenda, speaker information, lecture notes, maps, exhibitor and sponsor details, attendee list, updates and more.
“We are excited to announce our 2014 annual NCVC conference, which will include a wealth of information to advance the specialties and careers of our state's veterinary professionals,” said Claire Holley, executive director of the NCVMA.
Secondly, the stalking acts must be such that they would instill fear in a reasonable person (NCVC, 2004).
(200) And the scope of CIED laws promises to expand further as states increasingly follow the lead of the NCVC and classify lower levels of emotional distress as criminal harm.
Raleigh, NC, November 05, 2010 --( The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association ( has announced that it will co-host the 15th Annual North Carolina Veterinary Conference (NCVC) with the N.C.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 29, 2006 - (JCN) - NTT Data, HuBit genomix, and the National Cardiovascular Center (NCVC) have jointly announced the completion of a demonstration experiment with natto, fermented soybeans, conducted in Arita, Saga Prefecture.
The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) in Arlington, Virginia, released the results of a study it conducted to determine the effectiveness of state constitutional amendments and other laws designed to protect victims.
In summary, two new similarity measures based on interaction coverage (IICS and MICS) fundamentally differ from NCVCS due to the following reasons: (1) they do not require setting the strength value in advance, and (2) they are more suitable for adaptive strategies than NCVCS.