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The teaching philosophy of NCVPS has three instructional pillars (see Figure 2): (a) effective instructional announcements and learning blocks, (b) effective instructional feedback on all assignments, and (c) effective synchronous conversations to build relationships.
These funds cover the instructional, operational, and administrative costs of NCVPS. The budget for the 2012-2013 school year was $15,737,378 for instruction, $1,342,418 for operations, and $1,868,537 for administration (North Carolina Virtual Public School, 2014a).
In the summer of 2007, NCVPS offered the first courses for high school students.
These courses follow a blended model with face-to-face time with the OCS teacher and online time with the NCVPS content teacher.
Fetzer is leading the development of the NCVPS Occupational Course of Study Blended Learning Program for students with disabilities, which pairs online teachers certified in academic content areas with a special education teacher in a student's classroom.
Teachers in the 2009 NCVPS study commented that many of the assignments in the virtual school "seemed like hoops to jump through rather than authentic learning activities" (Oliver et al., p.
Interaction in the NCVPS Environment: What Are the Possibilities?
NCVPS offers students instruction via PowerPoint slides (with and without voice tracks) and lessons recorded on video.
NCVPS students have online teachers who are certified in their subject to facilitate their instruction.
E-mail solicitations were distributed during final exams through Blackboard to all teachers and students involved in the summer 2007 NCVPS session during final exams, inviting them to provide feedback about their courses on Web-based surveys (i.e., approximately 105 total teachers and 6,986 total students).
A majority of NCVPS teachers taught either one class (27.8%) or two classes (33%).
Sixty-seven point five percent of teachers rated the overall experience of teaching for NCVPS as good or excellent, while only 9% reported a poor experience.