NCWANational Collegiate Wrestling Association
NCWANorthern California Water Association
NCWANational Civil War Association
NCWANational Center on Women and Aging
NCWANATO Civil Wartime Agency
NCWANorth Central Wholesalers Association
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The Ankara meeting mentioned above was attended by two representatives of the NCWA, which has its headquarters in Paris.
The NCWA is quite open in its support for dialogue.
NCWA Secretary General Asma Khaddar highlighted the role of media in spreading awareness among youth.
In Osaka, we toured the seniors' home Setton (which is Korean for 'rainbow') House, a dream that began in 1958 by the NCWA women and was realized with the opening in 1996.
8(Petra) -- HRH Princess Basma bint Talal, Head of the National Committee for Women Affairs (NCWA) and the Honorary President of the General Federation of Jordanian Women (GFJW), on Sunday received a Japanese women delegation.
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