NCWCNorth Carolina Wesleyan College
NCWCNational Council of Women of Canada
NCWCNational Catholic Welfare Conference
NCWCNon-Cash Working Capital
NCWCNational Catholic War Council (WWI era)
NCWCNational Council of Work Centers
NCWCNaval Coastal Warfare Commander
NCWCNew Canaan Winter Club (Connecticut)
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While visiting NCWC, participants learned about the center's mandate and structure as well as toured its facilities.
NCWC's calculated and relentless approach has attracted influential figures from a diverse range of industries across the nation.
RBP referred potential victims to NCWC and an NGO on an ad hoc basis.
To win back disaffected Chinese Americans, they formed the NCWC, which they crafted to look like an independent ethnic organization but which they intended to keep firmly in the grip of the Guomindang.
[DELTA]NCWC : NCWC in year t minus NCWC in year t - 1.
The motto of the organisation is "working together, working better" for women and children (NCWC).
And, did his experience in these relationships provide him perspective that enhanced his ability to articulate the Catholic Church's agenda on social and international political issues as head of the NCWC?
In a more favorable light, the NCWC served as a federally, funded authorized agent for Russian famine relief, a situation that had become critical in the Soviet Union after five years of war and revolution.
George Johnson, the director of the Department of Education of the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC), located in Washington, DC, at The Catholic University of America, recommitted the Church to the declarations of the Third Plenary Council by recasting its popular motto: "Every Catholic child in a Catholic school, and a Catholic school for every Catholic child" (Johnson, 1938a, p.
Monsignor McCosker, Bishop Perkins and Fr Terry Holland (Adelaide) combined to form a National Catholic Welfare Committee (NCWC) in 1956.
NCWC, in which a lesbian seeking infertility treatments is suing her physicians for refusing to assist her because of their religious objections.