NCWGNorth Carolina Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
NCWGNaval Coastal Warfare Group
NCWGNational Correlation Working Group
NCWGNon-Clinical Working Group (healthcare)
NCWGNational Council on Women and Girls
NCWGNevada County Wine Guild
NCWGNature Conservation Working Group (various locations)
NCWGNigeria Cyber Working Group (cybercrime)
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The mission of NCWG is to promote systems, processes and procedures leading to the correlation, dissemination and presentation of assured, relevant and timely information to the warfighter.
NCWG has been strengthened by NDIA's support structure and its ubiquitous "networking" system.
Air Traffic Control; Avionics; C4ISR; Cyber Security; Data Storage/Warehousing; Electronic Commerce; Electronics; Electro-Optics; Homeland Defense; Image Exploitation/Processing/Systems; Information Technology; Infrared Systems; Laser Systems; Missiles and Rockets; Missile Defense; Navigation Systems (Including GPS); Networking/Data Links; Night Vision; Precision Munitions; Radar; Sensors; Signals Intelligence; Simulation and Modeling; Software; Space Systems; Systems Engineering; Tactical Communications; Training; Transportation Security (air, sea, rail, highway); Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; NCWG Member
The affiliation of the Precision Strike Association (PSA) has proved to be a success, and became a catalyst for the recent affiliation of the National Correlation Working Group (NCWG), whose mission is to help improve the war fighters' access to battlefield intelligence.
The National Correlation Working Group (NCWG) became the latest affiliate of NDIA, effective February 28, 2002, as part of NDIA's program to expand the working coverage of the association into all parts of the defense industry structure.