NCWMNational Conference on Weights and Measures
NCWMNon-Cell Wall Material
NCWMNormal Control White Matter
NCWMNadir Calibration Window Mechanism (environmental physics)
NCWMNetwork Coding for Wireless Mesh Networks
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At its July 2009 National Conference, a NCWM committee withdrew two
companies." (103) As part of its reasoning, the NCWM cited a
Herbert's Gemini Lightning automatic weigh labelling machines and its IH500 scale and printer systems were all tested against the US legal metrology requirements by the NCWM in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.
The priorities established at the first meetings of the NCWM have remained the same throughout its history:
The States immediately recognized the need for uniform laws and regulations and the first "model weights and measures law" was offered to the NCWM by NBS as early as 1907 and first adopted by a State (New Jersey) in 1911.
(Consultant Jerry Morton, president of Store Systems Consulting & Marketing, Lawrence, Kan., says scan rates more typically hover around 94%.) The NCWM guidelines will also apply to retailers other than supermarkets (who usually have far worse scan accuracy rates than grocers), including hardware, general merchandise, drug, automotive parts, convenience stores and clubs.
While the NCWM standards have no legal authority by themselves, states have traditionally looked to these guidelines in establishing their own standards, which grocers are compelled by law to meet.
It should be noted that reports of several studies described herein were obtained from the NCWM database.
and Europe, which are reported in unpublished white papers that were included in the NCWM database for review in this project.
Since 1984 NIST has administered the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) in cooperation with the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM), industry, and the states.