NCWRCNorth Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
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Much of the past work of tagging individuals from the AR stock was done when Striped Bass were at low levels of abundance and overfished (NCDMF and NCWRC (2)).
2B) are not included in the AR stock assessment (NCDMF and NCWRC (2)).
Nichols of NCWRC; who collected and morphologically identified most of the specimens, led and guided field excursions, and helped with the field enclosure work in Lake Waccamaw, S.
The 1970 amendment to the Pittman-Robertson act contains the following: "The tax collected on handgun and archery-equipment sales is to be used for hunter-safety training programs and the establishment, maintenance and operation of public target ranges." When I quoted that to the NCWRC (Chris Huebner), he claimed this is a public misconception and that they are not in the business of providing public target ranges.
The NCWRC is constructing one range in our state, and claims it is a test project to base any further range openings.
Critical partners on this project include NRCS, EPA, Macon Soil and Water Conservation District, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), U.S.
In North Carolina, no directed sampling by state agencies has been conducted since 1993, but the NCWRC has collected Hickory Shad data for the 4 major North Carolina coastal rivers (Roanoke, Tar-Pamlico, Neuse, and Cape Fear) between 2000 and 2010 with annual monitoring (Dockendorf (10)).
The study presented here is the most recent on this species for North Carolina; data collected during creel surveys by the NCWRC have included only recorded catches but not samples for lengths, weights, or age.