NCYDNational Centre for Youth Development (Jamaica)
NCYDNational Center for Youth with Disabilities
NCYDNorthcote Child and Youth Development Project (New Zealand)
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It is also the hope of the NCYD to establish a Youth Information Centre in each parish.
(b) The existence of institutions committed to participation rights (such as CDA, CDA's Children Advisory Panel, OCR, NCYD, YICs) and the many clubs and societies in schools (such as ISCF, Debate Club, Sports Club) coupled with other co-curricular activities.
While such a review will not be provided here, a broad sweep through the NCYD bibliography and some more recent studies revealed inconsistent findings.
During the 1993-94 school year, the board has developed stories for Division newsletters as well as national publications, including an issue of NCYD's Youth Connections that was published in Exceptional Parent (July 1994).
NCYD is an information, resource and policy center that focuses on adolescents with chronic illnesses surrounding their transition to adult life.