NDKANucleoside Diphosphate Kinase A
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Of the 14 early patients, all were positive with both PARK7 and NDKA. Plasma obtained 30 min after the onset of stroke symptoms from an individual suffering from an established stroke was detected as positive with both PARK7 and NDKA.
Again, PARK7 and NDKA were higher (Mann-Whitney, P <0.01) in stroke patients than in controls (Fig.
PARK7 and NDKA were finally assessed on a third, much larger cohort encompassing 633 stroke patients and controls.
In this study, we have demonstrated a highly significant early increase in plasma concentrations of PARK7 and NDKA after a stroke event.
In the present study, the identification of PARK7 and NDKA was based on their increased concentrations in postmortem CSF, presumably as a result of global brain ischemia and necrosis after death.
Expression of the NM23 gene, which encodes for NDKA, is decreased in highly metastatic murine melanoma cell lines.
On the basis of the known distributions and functions of PARK7 and NDKA, several hypotheses can be proposed regarding the mechanisms by which they may gain access to and be overexpressed in the plasma of stroke patients.
In conclusion, PARK7 and NDKA appear to be reliable biomarkers for the early diagnosis of stroke and, in the future, might be used in combination.