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Some indicators were static, such as the density of roads and rivers, and the slope; and some indicators varied with time, such as land cover type, NDVI and NDMI, which were mapped in 1990, 2000 and 2014.
Wetness values were derived by NDMI transformation of Landsat TM images and ranged between -0.70-0.93, -0.53-0.93 and -0.36-0.50, as presented in Figure 6a-c.
The six indicators selected in this study, land cover type, slope, NDVI, NDMI, and the density of rivers and roads, allowed us to calculate a habitat suitability index.
NDMI maps for the Momoge Nature Reserve in 1990 (a), 2000 (b) and 2014 (c)
The indicator weights for waterbird habitat suitability determined using an AHP method Criterion level Index level Objective level Indicators Weights Indicators Weights Waterbird Water 0.45 Density of 0.34 Habitat abundance rivers Suitability NDMI 0.11 Index in the Food 0.32 NDVI -- Momoge Nature Shelter 0.15 Land cover 0.12 Reserve condition type Slope 0.03 Disturbance 0.08 Density of -- roads Table 2.
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The 24-item version of the NDMI developed by Lauri and Salantera (2002) was used to measure and describe the decision-making model used by nurses to call the RRT.
For the NDMI, Chronbach's alpha was calculated to determine internal consistency and reliability.
The scores on the NDMI ranged from 41 to 103 (M=69.5, SD=9.6).
Nurses who were categorized by the NDMI as analytical decision makers activated the RRT more frequently than either intuitive or mixed decision makers.