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NDMSNational Disaster Medical System
NDMSNetware Distributed Management Server
NDMSNational Disaster Management System
NDMSNorth Davidson Middle School (Lexington, NC)
NDMSNetwork Data Management System (wireless computer networking)
NDMSNuclear Document Management System
NDMSNAVAIR Depot Maintenance System
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Laboratory surveillance reports showed that OXA-48-like enzymes are the second most common carbapenemase (after NDMs) in various healthcare centers across South Africa (5).
[3,5] Class A carbapenemases include KPC and Guiana extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (GES), class B carbapenamases include MBLs, such as VIMs, NDMs and IMPs, and class D consists of OXA-48 and its derivatives.
Most common isolates obtained in our study were yeasts (42, 38.8%) followed by dermatophytes (37, 34%) and NDMs (29, 26.8%).
Coast Guard, (43) and supporting medical cooperative efforts through the NDMS with DHHS and other interagency stakeholders.
We have obtained 299 positive cultures (61.6%), including dermatophytes in 211 cases (70.5%), yeasts in 53 (17.7%), NDMs in 24 cases (8.02%), and mixed culture (dermatophytes + yeast) in 11 cases (3.6%).
This finding contributed to the emerging neo-Darwinian "modern synthesis" (NDMS), in which molecular genetics plays the key role in the production of phenotypic variation, and purpose is replaced by chance in the production of variation, which is the first stage of evolution.
While the United States could likely manage some patchwork of state waivers and mechanisms for coordination to facilitate the entry of foreign medical teams to support the medical needs of persons impacted by a catastrophic disaster in the United States, domestic state and federal legal authorities do not currently provide a means for the United States both to facilitate acceptance (e.g., through state-licensing waivers) while also maintaining national level coordination and quality control, for example, through the NDMS. Since this federal medical response capability is typically activated when the disaster response exceeds state and local capacity, impacted U.S.
Examining the age, the anthropometric profile, the blood pressure values, and the glycometabolic pattern of MS subjects subdivided according to the presence or not of DM, we observed (Table 2) that age, waist circumference, and blood glucose levels were higher in DMS, while total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol were higher in NDMS.
The NDMS analysis did not indicate a clear separation among habitats (Fig.
GPs such as Dr Malcolm Lister who is Tynemouth born and bred works for NDUC as an out-of-hours GP and for NDMS as a locum doctor.
A TOTAL of 500 new locum doctors have been appointed across Teesside by Northern Doctors Medical Services (NDMS).