NDNANational Day Nurseries Association
NDNANorth Dakota Nurses Association (Bismark, ND)
NDNANorth Dakota Newspaper Association (est. 1885)
NDNANorth Dallas Neighborhood Alliance (Dallas, TX)
NDNAnuclear deoxyribonucleic acid
NDNANorth Deering Neighborhood Association (Portland, ME)
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The nDNA and mtDNA play the most important role in the disruption of the metabolic balance between the rate of formation of this damage and the rate of repair.
Compared to nuclear DNA (nDNA), mtDNA is far more susceptible to mutations due to their being present in a highly oxidative environment, a lack of protective histones and limited repair capacity [Carew & Huang, 2002; Singh, 2006].
AKELC is also accredited through the NDNA e-Quality Counts programme and has a Level 3 status (Highest Level -- Exemplary).
Moreover, in hybridizing populations, different markers representing different genomic components [allozymes, nuclear DNA (nDNA), and mtDNA] appear to vary in an uncoordinated way, leading to biased estimates of different levels of genetic introgression (Riginos & Cunningham 2005, Vainola & Strelkov 2011).
Butt et al., "A pilot study assessing the prognostic value of CK18 and nDNA biomarkers in severe sepsis patients," Clinical Drug Investigation, vol.
The persistent OS in the state of hyperglycemia leads to modifications of the DNA capable of producing damage to the mitochondrial genetic material (mtDNA) and the nuclear DNA (nDNA) [29].
Mitochondrial disorders can be caused by mutation of genes encoded by either nuclear DNA (nDNA) or mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) [8].
Nursery director Lisa Cronk said: "We are delighted to win NDNA Nursery of the Year for the third time.
Nuclear insertion of mitochondrial pseudogenes (numts) represents a cytoplasmic mitochondrial DNA sequence that has naturally been integrated into an organism's nuclear genome over an evolutionary timescale, giving rise to nDNA sequences of mitochondrial origin (Lopez et al., 1994).
However, it has been shown that the genetic characteristics of individuals, including point mutations of both nDNA and mtDNA, may affect response to certain drugs.