NDNADNational DNA Database (UK)
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government for representation on the NDNAD Strategy Board.
(49) Thus, the CJPOA expanded the scope of data that police could collect for the NDNAD to include intimate samples (e.g., blood or other similar samples from which police can collect DNA) and also expanded the scope of suspects from whom police could take samples to include those charged with any "recordable offense." (50)
Chairman Christopher Hughes and his group said: there was "an issue of public awareness, especially for individuals that volunteered samples for the NDNAD.
The Ethics Group said samples obtained during police investigations should be destroyed at the end of an inquiry rather than loaded on to the NDNAD.
While the FSS can help foreign police by running checks on the NDNAD, more often international authorities call on the experts for help in developing their own DNA techniques.
"Once the Forensic Science Service informed the NDNAD Custodian and chair of the NDNAD board of the load failures, swift action was taken to resolve the situation and by January 2006 all the profiles had been investigated and subsequently loaded or otherwise resolved."
DNA samples can be taken from anyone suspected of, charged with, reported for, or convicted of a recordable offence, and checked against records on the NDNAD.
"Familial searches of the NDNAD can provide information about the identity of an individual who could be a parent or child of the offender."
Dr Colin Dark, Forensic Science Service adviser, said: ``After nearly 30 years of questions, suppositions and heartache, the intelligence information provided by the NDNAD, in partnership with a dedicated and thorough police investigation, has provided the key to unlocking the secrets that surrounded these murders.
It followed the revelation in yesterday's Daily Post that the child's DNA had been put on the National DNA Database (NDNAD), a decision attacked by civil liberties campaign groups.