NDOFNumber of Degrees of Freedom
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The following parameters are defined in the segment of SAOSYS pre-processor commands: the problem title /TITLE; finite element formulation /EFORM (Ef_E denotes equilibrium finite elements); the degree of freedom of the node NDOF (ND_PLANE is the 2D problem with three freedom degrees of the node); element materials MP (here, elasticity modulus E and the tensile steel strength depending on the yield stress Ry should be defined); finite elements' sets R (here, sec is the cross-section type, sid is the default cross-section number in assortment and sel is the cross-section selection flag).
% Other MATLAB evals %{ % Batch segment start /TITLE, 'Frame 2008' /EFORM, EF_E NDOF, ND_PLANE ; Materials and gruops of elements MP,1, E=210e6, Ry=275e3 R,1, sec=ST_HE, sid=1, sel=1 R,2, sec=ST_HE, sid=1, sel=1 R,3, sec=ST_HE, sid=1, sel=1 R,4, sec=ST_HE_IPE, sid=1, sel=1 ...
NDOF, ndof Chooses the problem type: truss or plane problem.