NDOPNational Day of Prayer
NDOPNational Digital Orthophoto Program
NDOPNevada Department of Prisons
NDOPNew Development Officer Program (Canadian International Development Agency)
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Luc Leroy Mambou Ngueyep (iD), (1,2) Joseph Ndop, (1,3) Elise Rose Atangana Nkene, (3,4) and Jean-Marie Bienvenu Ndjaka (iD) (1)
[19] also reported the absence of phosphate in groundwater in the Ndop plain.
Wilson et al., "Hydrochemistry of shallow groundwater and surface water in the Ndop plain, North West Cameroon," African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, vol.
"I have been able to pay school fees for my children and medical bills from the sale of my rice crop, unlike before when the harvest from my vegetable farm was uncertain," said Bridget Ngang, one of over 300 female commercial rice farmers in Ndop. Her vegetables were often ruined when heavy rains brought floods, she explained.
NDOP = [raiz cuadrada de [V.sub.x]]/[[sigma].sub.[??]] y EDOP = [raiz cuadrada de [V.sub.y]]/[[sigma].sub.[??]] (22)
Por el mismo razonamiento se pueden definir PDOP, TDOP, HDOP y VDOP, y por supuesto el NDOP y el EDOP (USAF, 1996) como
Comments and draft requirements became the foundation of the Think Tank Process, which was used to develop the concept plan for the High Desert facility, as well as the master plan for development of future Nevada Department of Prisons (NDOP) facilities.
Think Tank participants included the project operations core group, which comprised the NDOP director and assistant directors, and select wardens and department specialists.
(2001) 'Moulding Culture: pottery and traditions in the Ndop Plain (North West Province Cameroon)'.
Twenty-six respondents (72%) listed Bakweri as their tribal group, four affiliated with Wum and one each recorded their tribal group as Bakossi, Ndop, Befang, Maboh, and Bali.
This paper examines the situation of female rice farmers in Ndop, Cameroon and argues that although rice production may have been beneficial to women and the society as a whole, it has implications for gender roles that go beyond the purview of women's empowerment.