NDPANational Drowning Prevention Alliance (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
NDPANational Drug Prevention Alliance (UK)
NDPANational Decorating Products Association
NDPANational Disaster Protection Act
NDPANonprofit Down Payment Assistance (banking)
NDPANational Diploma in Performing Arts (degree)
NDPANational Drought Preparedness Act
NDPANational Director of Public Affairs
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"It is in the areas of mitigation and markets that IIAA believes the NDPA can be strengthened," he testified.
Wood said the NDPA's provision on qualifying losses should be changed to encourage companies to acquire private reinsurance and not be penalized for doing so.
[17] In October 2009, the US Environmental Protection Agency listed five nitrosamines as 'probably carcinogenic to humans': NDEA, NDMA, NDPA, NPYR and N-nitrosodiphenylamine (NDPhA).
For simplicity, we assume that all control frames, including NDPA, BF-Poll, and ACK frames, use the 6 Mbps transmission rate with binary phase shift keying (BPSK) modulation and a 1/2 code rate in the legacy format.
NDPA was a nonprofit organization whose membership consisted mostly of independent local retailers selling decorating products, including paint, wallcoverings, floor coverings, and window treatments.
The NDPA is a non-profit organization that was created to provide the public with drowning prevention and water safety education and programs.
All children met the DSM (IV) criteria for DCD as they all demonstrated significant motor deficits on the Neuro-developmental Physiotherapy Assessment (NDPA) (Watter 1996) (Criteria A).
She said the current market for wallcoverings is 95 percent white, according to the NDPA.
Table 2 - standard mixture of N-nitrosamines Name Symbol Concentration (ug/ml) N-Nitrosodimethylamine NDMA 0.485 N-Nltrosodiethylamine NDEA 0.525 N-Nitrosomorpholine NMOR 1.000 N-Nitrosodipropylamine NDPA 0.520 N-Nitroesodibutylamine NDBA 0.515 N-Nitrosodibenzylamine NDBzA 2.000
Peter Stoker, director of the National Drug Prevention Alliance (NDPA) said: "It is no different from any of the sellers' other nefarious marketing ploys.