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En octobre 2013, il a declare : << Obviously I am generalizing, but historians are all NDPers, they hate the Tories with a passion, and they're all social historians, so they think any government that's going to commemorate the War of 1812--which they have all said is unimportant, which is just silly--is a war-mongering government >>.
The five NDPers and one Conservative can change the North.
Table 1 translates this figure into a percentage: thus of the 28 visible minority MPs elected in 2011, 46.4% won as NDPers. Percentages are also shown for earlier elections and underscore how much of a departure the 2011 contest was for the NDP.
The report stated that members of Parliament for the Vancouver area, NDPers as well as Conservatives, favoured a thorough investigation of the matter by the federal government.
Oh sure, the NDPers have been able to talk a good game in the past, but since they were the ones that brought down the Paul Martin Liberals to effectively kill the Kelowna Accord as Canada held its nose to vote in the Conservatives in 2006, even the high horse Jack Layton was riding in on was coming up lame.
It challenges the incrementalist, exclusively electoralist strategy that guides his party today: namely, to accept 95 percent of neo-liberalism (including most of what Stephen Harper is now putting on the table, courtesy of Jack Layton's 2006 electoral manoeuvres), and then pretend that electing a few more NDPers to Parliament will somehow make it all more tolerable.
Yet the premier diffused these protests with a condescending flair that dismissed real social concerns with accusations that protesters were disgruntled NDPers. Unexpectedly, however, while vacationing in Hawaii Premier Campbell was arrested and convicted of drunk driving.
But in subsequent years neither Liberals nor NDPers made a sustained campaign to refocus the campaign about 'system abuse' upon tax evasion, preferring to stick to philanthropic arguments about kindness to the poor rather than directly challenging the differential criminalization of potential cheaters of government.
Not all the movements in play were new -- there were Communists, Trotskyists, and NDPers, at least on the margins, and some activists had had previous experience, especially with the Parti socialiste du Quebec (which had spun away from its parent NDP on the `national question')(120) or with the Communist Party.
For NDPers scared of BDS here is an alternative resolution that places no demands on Israel:
Without it there is no guarantee that local collective institutions won't end up as spaces for narrow interests or electoral bases for Liberals or NDPers (not that folks with these politics couldn't participate).