NDPERSNorth Dakota Public Employees Retirement System
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Who's to say, if a serious socialist project gets underway--a project that incorporates a genuine liberating vision for the country, that triggers the political imagination, the sense of decency, the desire for honest citizenship that my experience tells me is there in spades among most rank-and-file NDPers? Maybe we'll be surprised.
Many NDPers find Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne more appealing.
In October 2013, he declared that "Obviously I am generalizing, but historians are all NDPers, they hate the Tories with a passion, and they're all social historians, so they think any government that's going to commemorate the War of 1812--which they have all said is unimportant, which is just silly--is a war mongering government." He fears that the country will not celebrate as it should the centenary of the First World War, despite the fact that French-Canadian participation in this conflict was half-hearted to say the least: "I am told they're only putting in as much money for World War One as they did for the War of 1812, about $30 million or something, and that's just pathetic." (33)
This means before Northern Conservatives, Liberals and NDPers go to war they need to agree on this.
* Leader Jack Layton (Toronto Danforth) and his wife, Olivia Chow (MP Trinity-Spadina) together with a large contingent of NDPers
Old NDPers and bien pensants liberals, myself included, refuse to recognize that the Cold War is over and that Lubor Zink won.
Without it there is no guarantee that local collective institutions won't end up as spaces for narrow interests or electoral bases for Liberals or NDPers (not that folks with these politics couldn't participate).
Cullen's unexpectedly strong showing reflects an understanding on the part of many more NDPers than might have been expected that this is indeed the case.
If a pro-life voter thinks he can substantiate his action in voting for a pro-abortion political party, i.e Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, NDPers, or the Greens, I would like to hear from him how he justifies this decision from the perspective of Catholic morality.
I have one quibble with John Robson's otherwise excellent piece on Tommy Douglas: the perpetuation of the idea that Douglas is "the greatest Canadian of all time." Robson notes that this notion stems from a 2004 CBC Television contest, but propagating Douglas's supposed primacy on the basis of that fatuous television show, in which viewers could vote numberless times (which NDPers reportedly did in the thousands), is galling.
He's the ideal candidate for NDPers: a perfectly bilingual Quebec MP, a committed federalist and a former cabinet minister at ease in both federal and provincial politics.