NDPKNucleoside Diphosphate Protein Kinase
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A maximum-likelihood tree was constructed with the PHYLogeny Inference Package (PHYLIP) version 3.695 (21) using an alignment of the amino acid sequences of the following 56 NDPK domain-containing proteins: C.
(A) The maximum-likelihood phylogenetic tree of NDPK proteins.
(19, 20) The phylogenetic analysis of NDPK-containing proteins from four kingdoms, namely Plantae, Opisthokonta, Amoebozoa, and Chromista, revealed two large classes of NDPKs: Classes I and II (Fig.
250 candidates were nominated from 8 political parties - SDPK, NDPK, Zamandash, Uluttar Birimdigi, Adilettuu Kyrgyzstan, Communists' Party, Respublika and Ata Meken, chair of territorial election commission Saadat Mamatalieva said.