NDPONational Domestic Preparedness Office
NDPONational Defense Program Outline (Japan)
NDPONonviolent Drug Possession Offense (California)
NDPONasserist Democratic Popular Organization
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(64.) The 1995 NDPO, the first in nearly two decades, revised its predecessor's parameters for the post-Cold War strategic context.
The statute transferred the functions and assets of the National Domestic Preparedness Office (NDPO), the Domestic Emergency Support Team (DEST), the Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP), and, to a limited extent, the Nuclear Incident Response Team (NIRT).
The HSA transferred authority for DEST and NDPO to EPR, but scant information exists on the plans for deploying DEST, and unknown resources are attached to the operations or needs of the teams.
The new NDPO will be shaped not only by the results of the work of the advisory committee appointed by Prime Minister Koizumi, but also by thinking within the LDP.
The government's new NDPO is due by the end of 2004.
Sebata's thesis is that the NDPO and the 1 per cent ceiling both emerged, not because of international factors or any coherent strategic rationale, but as the result of compromises forced by the clash of bureaucratic interests, particularly between the civilian Japan Defense Agency (JDA) and the various services in the Japan Self Defense Force (SDF).
`Rather, considerations flowing from domestic politics and Japan's `chrysanthemum culture' would seem to have been more important in determining the debates that surrounded the NDPO. These factors are mentioned only in passing.
The NDPO, allows some streamlining and force structure reductions.
The NDPO and the subsequent 1997 new Guidelines for Defense Cooperation raised the old issue of whether expanded defence co-operation with the United States is constitutionally acceptable.
The SDF is reshaping and strengthening its force structure based on the 1996 NDPO. The enhancement of the Joint Staff Council's functions, and closer relationships among related organizations within the Japan Defense Agency (JDA), are highlighted in the SDF reshaping process.
The hotline was replaced with an e mail address on the NDPO website.
The NDPO seems to be more of a coordination center, "empowering" the emergency response community through electronic links to information sources.