NDPONational Domestic Preparedness Office
NDPONational Defense Program Outline (Japan)
NDPONonviolent Drug Possession Offense (California)
NDPONasserist Democratic Popular Organization
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Scant information exists on the extent to which the NDPO is used, funded, or considered a resource.
44) As noted on page 8 of this report few resources appear to have been allocated to, and previously little authority vested in, DEST or NDPO activities.
The government's new NDPO is due by the end of 2004.
With respect to the domestic political scene, the impact of Koizumi's weakened position on the substance of the NDPO is unclear.
The future direction of debate on both the NDPO and the timing and substance of the constitutional question will be influenced by a number of external factors.
Both the new NDPO and the later emergence of a revised constitution should provide the framework for strengthening the U.
Government issues new NDPO, setting policy objectives on ballistic missile defense deployment, weapons, exports, force structure, international cooperation, and so forth
Rather, considerations flowing from domestic politics and Japan's `chrysanthemum culture' would seem to have been more important in determining the debates that surrounded the NDPO.
Here Sebata claims that it `is no exaggeration to say that Japan's military expansion in the 1980s and 1990s stems from the NDPO and the 1% framework'.
The NDPO seems to be more of a coordination center, "empowering" the emergency response community through electronic links to information sources.
A lack of credentials in CB device assessment and handling and post-incident response makes the NDPO a knowledge source, not a leader.
This would replace the NDPO in its poorly executed mission of coordinating federal agencies that don't want to cooperate and "empowering" emergency responders as they develop their city response plans.