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NDPSNovell Distributed Print Services
NDPSNetWare Distributed Printing Services
NDPSNo Drug Product Selection (pharmaceuticals)
NDPSNotre Dame Preparatory School (various locations)
NDPSNavajo Division of Public Safety (Window Rock, AZ)
NDPSNational Diploma in Public Services (various universities)
NDPSNational Development Planning System (Ghana)
NDPSNational Doctoral Program Survey (National Association of Graduate-Professional Students)
NDPSNarcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act of 1985
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The problem is solved by the QND, the mNBI, and NC methods with [delta] = 1/15 for producing 256 NDPs on the real NDF.
(3) Multiobjective NDPs. As reported by Yang and Bell [14] and Chen et al.
'I got to stay with my mother because I was one of 'foster parents plan' children,' said the 64-year-old legislator in her speech during the NDP's provincial meeting on May 9.
The NDPs were first purified by an acid treatment procedure using an acid mixture of HN[O.sub.3]: [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]: [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] = 1:1:3 in glass autoclave at 100[degrees]C for 1 h with ultrasonicating enhancement.
Diamond suspension was prepared using NDPs, having 5-10 nm in size, dispersed in methanol solution (C[H.sub.3] OH, Sigma Aldrich).
So, with nearly 52 per cent of residents having turned out last Thursday in the fourth of these referendums, voting 905 to 38 (96 per cent) in favour of the Tattenhall and District NDP, Cheshire West and Chester unitary planning authority now accords it legal status?
Benign cells of NDPs include normal duct cells, ductal cells exhibiting apocrine metaplasia, histiocytes, and varying numbers of inflammatory cells.
In this regard, the Localism Bill includes provisions which are expected to introduce powers to make what will be known as Neighbourhood Development Orders (NDOs) and Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs).
"With proportional representation rather than our current first-past-the post system, there would be more Greens and NDPs in Parliament," she said.
Gaining access to Structural Funds money is a lengthy process, and before candidates proceed to selecting specific projects, the appropriate guidelines and objectives - as set out in the NDPs - must be negotiated with the European Commission.
If you have four or five servers in the cluster at any given point, you could have a users volume, you could have an Apps volume, you could have a mail volume, you could have an NDPS Print volume.