NDPSCNational Drugs and Poisons Schedule Committee (Australia)
NDPSCNorth Dakota Public Service Commission
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A NDPSC report indicated that agricultural shippers are facing widespread transportation problems (North Dakota Public Service Commission 2004).
The distribution and shipment data of the elevators are available from the NDPSC reports; this includes individual shipment record, by mode, from elevators to various destinations.
In September 2011, NSP-Minnesota reached a settlement with the NDPSC Advocacy Staff, which provided for a rate increase of $13.
On July 7, the company filed for an advance determination of prudence with the NDPSC on the construction of an 88-MW simple cycle natural gas turbine and associated facilities projected to be in service in 2015.
The NDPSC has approved the route permits for this project.
7, 2007, NSP-Minnesota filed with the NDPSC, a request to increase electric rates by $20.
The updated NDPSC advocacy staff's overall recommendation following the hearing is a base rate increase of $4.
In its briefs that were filed in August and October 2008, the advocacy staff has suggested that, in the alternative to its earlier recommendations in testimony, NDPSC could dismiss the rate case on the basis that NSP-Minnesota did not meet the burden of proof.
In late 2007, NSP-Minnesota filed with both the NDPSC and the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (SDPUC) a comparable request asking for a change in the recovery method for costs associated with refueling outages at its nuclear plants.