NDRNNational Disability Rights Network
NDRNNASCAR Digital Racing Network
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"This is a great piece of legislation that we are highly supportive of," says Eric Buehlmann, director of public policy at NDRN. "This bill is a good compromise, and we feel comfortable moving forward with it."
JJ/SE Shared Agenda, Tools for Promoting Educational Success and Reducing Delinquency, NASDSE & NDRN, Washington, DC: January 2007.
For the other selection scheme, FLEM and NDRN underwent two cycles of divergent selection for the number of lateral roots.
Source df FLEM NDRN Location (Loc) 1 221(**) 208(**) N Rate 1 6120(**) 4790(**) Loc X N Rate 1 6 3 Error a 28 210 344 Population (P) 3 2591(**) 3230(**) Loc X P 3 129 4 N Rate X P 3 133 9 Loc X N Rate X P 3 87 92 Error b 84 161 201 CV, % 21 19 Source df MWNC NCPL Location (Loc) 1 1286(**) 3306(**) N Rate 1 4195(**) 3972(**) Loc X N Rate 1 98 548 Error a 28 231 187 Population (P) 6 5707(**) 421(**) Loc X P 6 93 72 N Rate X P 6 44 66 Loc X N Rate X P 6 166 46 Error b 164 130 110 CV, % 18 20 (*), (**) Significant at the 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively.
([sections]) FLEM and NDRN germplasm sources underwent two cycles of divergent selection for lateral root number; BRH is branch-rooted population and TAP is taprooted population.
He also described a memorandum of understanding signed in 2016 between VR&E and NDRN to use that organization's nationwide network of Protection and Advocacy Systems and Client Assistance Programs to improve outreach to veterans with disabilities and increase awareness of and access to services that will help these veterans transition into productive civilian life.
Therefore, both the FLEM and NDRN source germplasms underwent two cycles of divergent selection for the number of lateral roots only.
Eighteen selected and four unselected source germplasms (FLEM [BRH.sub.c1] and NDRN [TAP.sub.c1] were not included because of insufficient seed supply) were established 10 through 17 May 1994 in four experiments, two at the Rosemount Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and two at the Becker Minnesota Sand Plains Agricultural Experiment Station.
Curt Decker, NDRN executive director, says the idea of integrated employment is admirable, but falls short in practice.
While FEMA has coordinated with NDRN in the past, this agreement will strengthen their relationship to ensure the needs of people with disabilities, young children, seniors, and all members of the community are fully integrated into emergency-planning efforts.
Because this month is EP's education-themed issue, we would like to focus on some of the work NDRN and the P&A systems have done in the area of education.
As the nonprofit membership organization for the P&A system, NDRN does not provide direct legal services, but provides training and technical assistance and legal support to the P&A network.