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NDRPNew Democratic Republican Party (South Korea)
NDRPNational Disaster Response Plan (various nations)
NDRPNo Date Related Processing
NDRPNasal Dermoplasty for Recurrent Polyps (surgery)
NDRPNational Disaster Reduction Plan (China)
NDRPNational Debt Retirement Programme (State Bank of Pakistan; Karachi, Pakistan)
NDRPNetwork Disaster Recovery Plan (electronic inventory)
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He said preparation of NDRP was a very good step towards building a disaster resilient Pakistan.
Six male crossbred goats from % Boer breed and V No Defined Racial Pattern (NDRP) were selected for breeding herds suitable for meat production, with an average weight of 25.06 [+ or -] 4.43 kg and mean age of six months.
Primarily, the implementation of the NDRP could be deselected by providers through two alternatives.
(23) The NDRP obligated all employees to enter binding arbitration for
Luistro explained, "This plan, as the first in the series of a multihazard NDRP, specifies relevant activities on disaster response, roles and responsibilities of memberagencies and organizations on preparedness as well as their functions during disaster and emergency phase."
Pakistan National Disaster Response Authority (2010) National Disaster Response Plan (NDRP) March, 2010.
It pointed out that funds in NDRP were accepted from individuals, firms, companies and institutions etc.
Key Words: Performance improvement, nurse-driven removal protocol (NDRP), catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), indwelling urinary catheter (IUC).
The aid will be coursed through the response cluster of the National Disaster Response Plan (NDRP), which Soliman described as the "lessons learned" by the government from last year's Supertyphoon "Yolanda" (international name: Haiyan).
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has turned over to the Philippine government the National Disaster Response Plan (NDRP) to help improve the country's humanitarian response during disasters.
Upon completion of the transaction, Paradise Capital will acquire Olympic Group's ownership in entities Namaa for Development & Real Estate Inv (CAI: NDRP) and B-Tech (CAI: OSTD) for a preliminarily price of EGP13.88 apiece and EGP3.44 apiece, respectively.
According to him scheme of "NDRP" is entirely a marketing gimmick, if closely inspected it is the scheme of borrowing money not to retire debt.