NDRTNelson-Denny Reading Test
NDRTNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Disaster Relief Team
NDRTNational Disaster Response Team (various states)
NDRTNorth Dorset Railway Trust (UK)
NDRTNorth Doncaster Rural Trust (UK)
NDRTNetwork Disaster Recovery Team (AT&T)
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In addition, the driver's glance behaviour was analysed as an indicator of how much they would interrupt the NDRT and monitor the vehicle automation.
Due to the NDRT it was not possible to reliably assess gaze behaviour by eye tracking since the magazine covered a significant portion of the necessary field of view of the remote cameras.
The level of interference with the NDRT associated with processing the HMI outputs was analysed using a [chi square]2-test on the frequency of behavioural observations in the two HMI conditions.
Interference with NDRT: Observations and Monitoring Ratio.
We investigated whether additional speech output would facilitate human-automation cooperation by effectively informing the driver about upcoming automated driving manoeuvres and would, therefore, cause less interference with the execution of a NDRT. It may be precisely the possibility of engaging in NDRTs without the need of interruptions that would make automated driving useful and attractive.
There was no difference in the frequency of observed interruptions of the NDRT between the "speech + generic" and "generic" condition.
As the participants were engaged in a primary visual NDRT, speech output may have particularly facilitated processing the visually presented HMI.
Furthermore, the rating procedure used to determine the level of interference with the NDRT could possibly be improved.
The practice, however, was to correct only the passages that were related to each group after the results of the NDRT was determined.
The NDRT measures reading comprehension, reading vocabulary and reading rate.
A reading test such as the NDRT could be administered, for example, to students when they first enroll in Accounting I.
Paul Tunney, head of the NDRT, said: "Organised crime gangs often try and conceal drugs deep in the bowels of large vessels that are capable of carrying more than 10,000 containers.