NDSFNational Defense Sealift Fund (US Navy budget appropriation)
NDSFNational Deep Submergence Facility
NDSFNon-Dispersion Shifted Fiber (fiber optics)
NDSFNorth Dakota State Fair
NDSFNational Drug Strategic Framework (Australia)
NDSFNew Defence and Security Forces (South Africa)
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The opportunity to work with SRT and other organizations in the community to create the NDSF STEAM Experience has been incredible, and we only hope to see this program grow and evolve."
In the end, "It's a little like that game rock, paper, scissors: Each brings something to the table that beats another one," said Peter Girguis, chair of the DEep Submergence Science Committee (DESSC), the group of scientists that advises the NDSF. Tethers on ROVs provide power but constrain mobility.
shifted from the NDSF account to the SCN account, that some funds
Distribution of shovels and/or hoes for Typological subgroup (N=478) ENT 0,84 NDSF 7,74 DIF 23,64 INDI 19,24 NDCF 48,12 PREF 0,42 Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico segmentado.
The objectives of this study were to: (i) estimate the realized direct response from one cycle of bidirectional phenotypic selection for NDSF concentration, (ii) evaluate association of NDSF concentration with other forage quality traits, and (iii) determine the impact of selection for NDSF concentration on IVDMD of alfalfa.
For illustration purposes let us call it the National Development Super Fund (NDSF).
The Society of Floristry is the professional body for Florists and it offers two qualifications - The Intermediate Certificate of the Society of Floristry (ICSF) and The National Diploma of the Society of Floristry (NDSF).
Registration of NDSCD, NDSK(FS)C1, and NDSF maize germplasm.