NDSINormalized Difference Snow Index
NDSINapier Diversified Services, Inc. (Macon, GA)
NDSINational Defence Security Instructions (Canadian Department of National Defence)
NDSINetwork Data Solutions Inc. (San Diego, CA)
NDSINear-Drowning Severity Index
NDSINicholas Data Services Inc. (Clearwater, FL)
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The NDSI is recognized for their own capability to enrich the snow/ice feature (Du et al., 2014; Silverio and Jaquet, 2009).
NDI was applied as the primary outcome in seven trials, among which, four trials [43,45, 46,50] reported both NDSI and NDLQI, and three trials [41,51,53] only focused on NDLQI.
Nuevamente se lleva al Erdas donde separamos las bandas 5, 4 y 2 y regresamos al Envi 4.7 para hallar, mediante una proporcion matematica, una nueva capa raster NDSI (indice de nieve), y otra con el ratio imagen 4/5; estos dos ultimos procesos nos permiten diferenciar la nieve del hielo en las imagenes.
The NDSI provides several technical advantages for mapping snow cover (Hall et al.
Le NDSI, qui est l'un des plus anciens projets d'infrastructure de donnees spatiales, donne des apercus sur la complexite de la mise en ceuvre d'une telle infrastructure dans les modeles federaux de partage des pouvoirs.
[30] also used a static threshold method employing the Normalized Difference Snow/ice Index (NDSI), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and two spectral bands from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) to discriminate between cloud and snow cover, to improve the MODIS cloud mask product.