NDSLNintendo DS Lite (handheld game console)
NDSLNon Domestic Substances List (Canada)
NDSLNational Direct Student Loan (Perkins Loan)
NDSLNational Defense Student Loan
NDSLNevada Division of State Lands
NDSLNavy Drug Screening Lab
NDSLNaked Digital Subscriber Line (telecom)
NDSLNorth Dakota State Library (Bismarck, ND)
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To present an appealing face to the world, NDSL was ostensibly committed to social inclusion with a mission of 'serving the underserved' (don't overlook the first 'r').
By acquiring the complementary skills of NDSL, Shepley will be able to offer an expanded range of services at the nuclear sites where it operates.
User perspectives into designs for both physical and digital libraries: New insights on commonalities/similarities and differences from the NDSL digital libraries and LibQUAL+[TM] databases.
The program would cover only law school need-based government or private loans, such as GSL, ALAS-SLS-FISL, Law Access Loans, Law Loans and National Direct Student Loans (NDSL or Perkins Loans), or university or other private institutional loans.
* increasing the exemption level for new substances not on the NDSL from 20 kg/year to 100 kg/year;
(TSCA), Europe (EINECS/ELINCS), Canada (DSL/ NDSL), Korea (ECL), Japan (ENCS), and Australia (AICS).
* whether the substance is present on Canada's second national inventory, the Non-Domestic Substances List (NDSL), which carries about 50,000 substances considered to be existing in international commerce; and
For information: http:// ndsl.lib.state.nd.us/ndla/02conf.
This new information includes the Canadian Domestic Substances List (DSL) and the Canadian Non-Domestic Substances List (NDSL).
This volume describes the Federal Perkins Loan Program, which comprises Federal Perkins Loans, National Direct Student Loans (NDSLs), and National Defense Student Loans (Defense Loans).