NDTSNational Drug Threat Survey (National Drug Intelligence Center; US DOJ)
NDTSNational Dual Training System (est. 2005; Malaysia)
NDTSNetwork Diagnostic and Test System
NDTSNot Drawn to Scale
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Um valor do desvio de NDT negativo indica que o valor observado foi menor que o estimado, assim se o valor estimado for maior que o observado, o valor do NDT da dieta e superestimado (MOORE et al., 1999).
Entre as variaveis que influenciaram o ganho encontram-se consumo de NDT do suplemento em % do peso vivo (CNDTs %PV), %NDT do suplemento (%NDTs), consumo de proteina bruta do suplemento em % do peso vivo (CPBs %PV), % proteina bruta do suplemento (%PBs), relacao entre NDT/PB do suplemento (NDT/PBs), consumo de materia seca do suplemento em % do peso vivo (CMSs %PV), % FDN da forragem (%FDSf), % proteina bruta da forragem (%PBf) e relacao entre NDT/PB da forragem.
O efeito associativo do consumo de NDT do suplemento (%PV) e o ganho diario corrigido (kg [dia.sup.-1]), classificado pelo tipo de forragem, estao apresentados na Figura 1.
On the first day of the 1966 NDT, an unscheduled meeting of the district committees' chairpersons was called, and the West Point director unexpectedly announced that the Military Academy would no longer host the National Debate Tournament.
The subcommittee was charged with exploring two issues: (1) the financial costs associated with hosting the NDT, and (2) determining whether West Point would be willing to host the tournament at least one more year to allow more time for future planning (Ziegelmueller, 1996, p.
The committee could not wait nine months until the AFA business meeting to plan the 1967 tournament, so the 1967 NDT was an ad hoc event.
When West Point Commandant William Westmoreland informed George Ziegelmueller, then President of the American Forensic Association that the Academy would no longer host the tournament, the NDT began a pilgrimage across the nation with a different host each year, and with a National Tournament Committee in charge of the tournament and its selection process.
Occasionally NDT debaters would enter the CEDA National Tournament, but given qualifying procedures, CEDA debaters did not enter the NDT, since debaters needed a whole season of participation on the NDT topic to qualify for its tournament.
The NDT has maintained a core of 80-100 subscribing schools.