NDVNewcastle Disease Virus
NDVNumber of Distinct Values (statistics)
NDVNo Declared Value (shipping)
NDVNASP Derived Vehicle
NDVNegative Delta V (battery voltage indicator)
NDVNo Directional Variation (meteorology and aviation)
NDVNational Disabled Veterans
NDVNo Delay of Vessel
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For more than 50 years, the NDV LaSota strain has been used as an NDV vaccine worldwide.
The sera then collected were stored at -20 0C till use.2.3-Haemagglutination (HI) antibody response of chickensSerum HI antibody response to NDV of the birdsadministered ND LaSota using Haemagglutination inhibition test [13].2.3.1-Washing of RBCs for detection ofHaemagglutination virusChicken whole blood was obtained in a beaker and mixed with anticoagulant (EDTA 1mg/ml).
NDV, a contagious bird disease affecting wild and domestic avian species, was first found in three farms in Nicosia's Kokkinotrimithia farming zone in mid June.
He also clarified that the premises in which the NDV was spotted were in Kokkinotrimithia area and not Mammari, both in Nicosia district.
The authors reiterate that NDV is attractive as a treatment because, while it causes a serious disease in poultry, it is virtually harmless in humans.
Following exposure of vaccinates to both viruses either alone or in combination, the challenge-protection experiment revealed an increased severity of infection in IBV and NDV infected birds as compared to those infected with the individual virus at one time.
By keeping in view the devastating effects of ND on poultry industry and natural resourcefulness of Cholistani plants, the current study was designed to evaluate their antiviral potentials against NDV and provide cost effective remedy from local resources.