NDVSNiger Delta Vigilante Service (Nigeria)
NDVSNational Development Volunteer Service (Nepal)
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NDV causes high mortality to poultry in the field particularly during co-infection with other respiratory pathogens such as Escherichia coli.
In the present study, we investigated the consequences of co-infections of virulent NDV (vNDV) strain and E.
One hundred and fifty day old broiler chicks (Gallus gallus) (n=150) were procured from local well reputed hatchery and were confirmed negative for NDV through haemagglutination inhibition (Alexander and Senne, 2008).
metropolitan Total 482 52 10.8 (8.2-13.9) -- Table 3: Mean evolutionary distance between the complete nu- cleotide sequences of the fusion gene of the study sample, NDVs of genotype V, and the LaSota strain.
It is caused by Newcastle disease virus (NDV) which is classified under the genus Avulavirus within the family Paramyxoviridae [3].
NDV strains produce a range of pathogenic outcomes in poultry.
NDV strains can be categorized into several strains including:
NDV is transmitted to people and birds by direct contact with bird droppings (feces) and respiratory discharges of infected birds.
The hosts targeted by NDVs are more than 200 bird species that include wild, domestic and cage birds (Alexander, 2003).
Compared to isolates originating from natural reservoirs such as wild-birds, NDVs from chickens have been isolated and well-characterized previously (Munir et al., 2012; Shabbir et al., 2012, 2013a, b).
These birds were individually weighed on sophisticated electronic digital balance prior to slaughter; after slaughtering, all the organs were eviscerated and weighed separately, evaluated and carcass characteristics compared such as: Live weight (g), dressing (%), giblet weight% (Liver, heart and gizzard), Intestinal weight%, Intestinal length (cm) and anti-body response to NDV.
Addition of 2% red blood cell solution in each well showed the ability of NDV left to agglutinate with red blood cells.