NDWUNational Defence Workers' Union (India)
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One of the speakers, Sony Walker, a regional director for the OEO, expressed a sentiment that captures one of Bolden's key motivations in organizing the NDWU when he said, "the dignity of work is as much a part of the four freedoms as the right to work (Bolden, 1965-1979, 1627/76).
The NDWU also provide homemakers' skills trainees with social services, such as information and referral activities, limited case management services, and mentoring.
As director of the NDWU, Bolden became the spokesperson for 30,000 domestic workers in Atlanta.
The Southern Labor Archives File includes numerous testimonies by women who talked about the importance of the NDWU in their own personal development and in their lives.
Domestic workers were supported by NDWU printed materials, which they were encouraged to share with employers, indicating that fifteen dollars a day was the going rate for domestic work.
Consequently, the goal and mission of the NDWU was to reduce individual hardships and although Bolden participated in relevant advocacy, she did not move beyond speech making to organizing, nor did she address the more complicated issue of the efficacy of domestic work in general.