NDYAGNeodymium-Doped Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (lasing material used in near-infrared lasers)
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Laser irradiation experiments were conducted using an NdYAG laser beam with a frequency of 355 nm.
For excitation, a NdYag laser (wavelength of 532 nm) was used.
2 Majority of the patients (73%) revealed good visual acuity after NdYAG capsulotomy 6 .
The cut of the raw substrate was performed by UV NdYAG laser equipment (Coherent AVIA 355-4500).
(20) Biz cerrahi sirasinda arka kapsulleri saglam olarak birakilan 5 yas uzerindeki 8 cocugun 7'sine (%87) operasyon sonrasi ortalama 8.ayda basari ile NdYAG lazer ile arka kapsulotomi uyguladik.
But the DTD does have an impressive mastering facility, where it has now produced 170 different holograms since 1991, with three tables and an argon and a krypton laser (each at 1W output) and a NdYag frequency-doubled 300mW laser.
Treatment for most malformations includes some drug therapies, embollization (plugging feeder vessels so that blood no longer can pool in the area), sclerotherapy (alcohol is injected to dry up the blood) and combinations of drugs, surgery, and even some lasers such as the NdYag. And treatment can be singular or multiple.
In situ LA-ICP-MS analyses of areas within the selected crystals of zircon were carried out using a VG PlasmaQuad PQ-2 s+ instrument coupled to a NUWAVE UP213 nm NdYAG laser at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Raman spectra were performed using a confocal Raman microscope (WITec GmbH, Ulm, Germany) equipped with a NdYag laser with a wavelength of 532 nm for excitation.
Designed to measure visible and near IR lasers such as Argon, HeNe, NdYAG, and imaged optical beams, it can zero-out ambient light to isolate the laser beam.
Designed to measure visible and NIR lasers such as argon, HeNe, NdYAG, and imaged optical beams, it can zero-out ambient light to isolate laser beam.