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NEANational Education Association
NEANational Endowment for the Arts
NEANational Environment Agency (Singapore)
NEANew Enterprise Associates (VC firm)
NEANuclear Energy Agency
NEANear-Earth Asteroid
NEABureau of Near Eastern Affairs (US Department of State)
NEANepal Electricity Authority
NEANewspaper Enterprise Association
NEANational Electrification Administration (Philippines)
NEANew England Aquarium
NEANorth East Asia
NEANoreste Argentino (Spanish: Argentine Noth East Region)
NEANegative Electron Affinity
NEANitrogen Enriched Air
NEANational Editorial Association
NEANational Economic Association
NEANational Erectors Association
NEANoise Equivalent Angle
NEANational Energy Act of 1978
NEANew Evangelization of America
NEANon-Explosive Actuator
NEANational Employment Association
NEANaroff Economic Advisors
NEANetz-Ersatz-Anlage (German)
NEANet Earning Assets
NEANiagara Enterprise Agency
NEANew England Anime
NEANaval Exercise Area
NEANot Enough Acronyms
NEANet Expenditure Accrued
NEANumber of Enrollee Attempts (biometrics)
NEANelson and Albemarle Railway
NEANearly Everything Anonymous (12 Step Program for Recovery)
NEANiagara Electrical Association
NEANational Energy Administration (various locations)
NEANon-Earning Assets (finance)
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While there has been widespread private assistance for the arts, the NEA imprimatur has proven over and over again to be a major catalyst for corporate and individual contributions to various projects.
While the authors do raise some compelling criticisms of the NEA and American cultural policy in general-its elitism, its cliquishness, its conservatism-nearly all conclude with a rote paragraph wistfully harking back to the NEA they knew and loved before Congress began obsessing about sex.
TITLE: To require that new business items requesting dissemination of information via NEA Web sites and publications be accepted only if certain conditions are met.
To Kushner, NEA beneficiary and author of the immense commercial and critical success Angels in America, "our choice" as a society is "really the NEA or barbarism.
White praised Alexander but said, "While she sees it as a victory to at least have maintained the NEA, it can't be seen as a victory to give up decision-making to Congressional representatives, and to leave something in place that will be highly politicized.
The NEA appropriation is infinitesimal by any government standards and would not fit properly in any discussion of government waste.
NEA will primarily invest in early-stage IT investments indirectly, through NEA-IndoUS Ventures.
NEA Today is mailed to all NEA members as a benefit of membership.
NEA spokesperson Cherie Simon said NEA officials are "well aware that Trisha is the only dance person [on the NCA].
The NEA is a political tool and, as such, can be used by politicians to further their interests.
But NEA and CPB advocates make an even more fundamental error than claiming art's fate is hostage to Beltway politics.
The American Arts Alliance -- an umbrella organization of arts lobbyists -- alerted its members to the emergency in its summer 1997 newsletter, which contained a flyer calling for immediate action and a sample letter for NEA supporters to send to their legislators.