NEAXNippon Electric Automated Exchange
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Compared to the control, firmness was improved by adding the AXs from the two-step extraction, except for NEAX. Values ranged between 6.94 and 16.20 N.
* NEAX 2000 IPS -- Internet Protocol Server -- for mid-to-large size businesses, it provides TDM switching, peer-to-peer IP Telephony - or both - from a single system
The NEAX EXPRESS is a standalone PBX that supports both traditional time division multiplex and IP communications, it also can be networked with other NEAX PBXs for enterprise-wide feature transparency across geographic regions.
QueWorX feature sets work in conjunction with the automatic call distribution products on both the NEAX 1000/2000 and the NEAX 2400 PBX platforms.
There are the National Centrex Users Group (NCUG), International SL-I Users Association (ISLUA), National Rolm Users Group (NRUG), National Association of Mitel Users Group (NAMUG), NEAX 2400 IMS Users and PictureTel Users Group (PUG), to name just a few.
There are so many product-specific groups like the SL-1 Users, NEAX Users, Banyan Users International, Centrex Users, Definity Users, Lotus Users, Netware Users, Newbridge Users, Rolm Users and SynOptics Users; and vertical-industry groups like ACUTA, NASTD, Black Data Processing Associates, ASTI, Women in Computing, MTC, healthcare, banking and 911 groups.
There are 200 lines out of an NEC America NEAX 2400 IMS PBX, and the EPA was looking for a way to verify the bill and account for calls made by the stations behind the PBX.
Ilona Musen of Paramount Communications is the 1992-93 president of the NEAX 2400 IMS Users Group.
Allen-Bradley LAN/PC, LAN/1, and broadband products join Hewlett-Packard 3000 Series 70s, a NEAX 2400 switch, and a Data General MB 15000 Model 8 in a network more powerful than a typical 114-bed hospital with a $50 million annual budget can typically justify.
The NEAX 2400 IMS Users Group just came off what proved to be its most successful Atlanta conference to date, under the leadership of Kathy Spola of CPC International (she's now past president).
His new NEAX 2400 forbids incoming access to all outbound lines.
"We have Centrex, provided by General Telephone and Pacific Bell, plus Rolm, NEAX, Siemens--you name it.