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During the Northern Monarchy's 240 year existence sixteen out of the nineteen kings were condemned because he walked in the way of Jeroboam ben Nebat. The author refers to Jeroboam's rebellion as the original sin that resulted in the demise of the Israelite kingdom: For Israel broke away from the House of David ...
(41) It is possible, however, that the Deuteronomist considered Dan a bamah even if it is not explicitly labeled as one, for he writes that Jeroboam I son of Nebat made two calves, "and he set one up in Bethel and the other he put in Dan.
For example, see TB Sanhedrin 90a, which counts Ahab as one of three kings who lost their portion in the World to Come (including Manasseh of Judah and Jeroboam ben Nebat of Israel); see also Rashi (to Gen.