NEBLNorth European Basketball League
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(214) "Nacht und Nebl" translates from German into "Night and Fog," referring to prisoners from occupied German territories disappearing into the night and fog.
"We didn't have an inordinate amount of apartment crime," said Nebl, but, like Zehring, he found himself spending half the night at the same two or three apartment communities.
We enjoyed significant success in our last two years in European competition with the NEBL and we look forward to a chance to prove ourselves in the new Euro-Cup Western Conf- erence.'
LONDON Towers coach David Lindstrom felt his team made up for a poor start in the 101-87 NEBL Open victory over Birmingham Bullets.
Paternostro's personal high came last Wednesday when he was presented with the MVP award and a huge crowd gave the team a standing ovation after their 117-105 win over London Towers in a 'dead' NEBL game.
All they have to look forward to now is Wednesday's meaningless NEBL game at home to the Towers.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 2.15 Nebl, 2.45 Fashion, 3.20 Chiquita, 3.50 All Our Hope, 4.20 Admirals Place, 4.50 Essie, 5.20 Il Principe.
Key newcomers: Juniors Hope Fenwick (hole set), Sabrina Nebl (2-meter defender), sophomore Anna Kreie (attacker)
Birmingham Bullets claimed their first win in their NEBL Open group with a 91-88 win over Yambolgaz of Bulgaria.
On Tuesday they beat Polonia Warbud 96-92 in Warsaw - a result that strengthened their grip on Bullets' group in the NEBL.
It emerged yesterday that McLaughlin, rider of runner-up Nebl, had been stood down for attempting to strike the Roy Brotherton-trained winner Indian Nectar in the early stages of the Stella Fillies' Handicap.
Our dance instructors, Kelsey Nebl, Missy Baxter and Hailey Carlson choreographed amazing dances and really inspired our students to succeed."