NEBMNew Economy Business Model
NEBMNudged Elastic Band Method
NEBMNew England Bridal Mall
NEBMNew Europe Business Media
NEBMNederlandsche Elevator Beleggingsmaatschappij
NEBMNouvelle église baptiste missionnaire
NEBMNúcleo de Engenharia Biomédica do Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal)
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After determining [mathematical expression not reproducible], the NEBM model is used.
A bank is NEBM efficient provided that [mathematical expression not reproducible] equals 1 and A division is NEBM efficient at time t provided that [mathematical expression not reproducible] equals 1 at time t.
Therefore, this section applies the NEBM model through further analysis of the use of bank resources.
I certainly should not pass along the incorrect message that the biomedical model dominated all medical activity in the years leading to the NEBM. I graduated from medical school in Istanbul in 1969.
In brief, it was not only the inadequacy but in certain instances, and even in the best of places, the simple lack of the biomedical model was also another reason for the coming forth of the NEBM.
I have to tell another personal story to explain a further reason behind the NEBM. As a young fellow in rheumatology, our colleagues from other subspecialties frequently made the remark that we, the rheumatologists, were the elite of medicine.
The final driving force behind the NEBM was simply money.
Maybe the answer is there in the first ever JAMA article on NEBM (1) I quoted in the opening lines.
As the very title said, the NEBM was about training doctors.